Cause of Loud Boom, Tremors in Sabah Remains a Mystery

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KOTA KINABALU (NST) | A loud boom and tremors heard and felt in Sabah today were not caused by any of Petroliam Nasional Berhad’s (Petronas) operations in the state.

Petronas, in a statement tonight, said all the national petroleum company’s personnel and assets in Sabah are safe; while day-to-day operations are being carried out as usual in the normal course of business.

“In response to news reports today that a loud boom and tremors felt in Sabah could be linked to Petronas’ operations in Sabah, Petronas would like to confirm that the sound and tremors were not caused by any of its operations in the state.

“Petronas would like to reassure the public and its stakeholders that utmost priority is exercised across its operations at all times to ensure the safety of the people and the environment, in accordance with the law and standards of a reasonable and prudent operator,” said the statement.